About Us

Bio of Director Kim Baker

As an young child Kim was sexually abused by family friend for a few years. In his teen years he also was subjected to verbal & emotional abuse from his father. He has been divorced twice, three of his children has cut off all contact. Some of his issues growing up were, avoiding confrontation, anger, fear, guilt and unforgiveness. In 2011, God called Kim to start the VSC Ministry and in January of 2012 he started his first class.

Through the years

In 2012, we held our first class on Sexual Abuse. In 2013 we added Verbal & Emotional Abuse. Since then we have added Victimization, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Confrontation, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

How can I join?

All classes are absolutely free and open to anyone.

Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 7 pm @ Asbury Methodist Church

Thursday 7 pm @ Emet HaTorah