Topics Taught

Fear: No Longer Afraid


Do you have hidden fears, anxiety? Tired of hiding your fears, and anxiety?

Anger: Facing the Fire Inside


"Be angry, yet do not sin." Do not let your anger, give the devil a foothold. Ephesians4:26-27

Guilt: Living Guilt Free


Did you know that there are two types of guilt? There is True Guilt and False Guilt.

Which one are you carrying around?

Confrontation: Learning God's Way


Do you resolve or continue your Conflicts? Did you know that God gives us instruction on how to deal with conflicts?

Forgiveness: Is yours's real


Do you really know What Forgiveness Is?

Do you really know What Forgiveness Is Not? Does it even Matter to You?



How are you missing from your life? Would you like to hug them or be able to shake their hand? 

Support & Study Groups

Sexual Abuse: Healing is possible!



“My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death assail me. Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me.”

Psalm 55:4-5


Verbal & Emotional Abuse: How it effects us!



Loss of self-worth…

Loss of self-confidence…

  Loss of self-respect...

  Loss of hope


Victimization: How to Overcome!



“Heal me, O Elohim (lord), and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

Jeremiah 17:14