Hello and Welcome! To those that have been hurt or abused. Ministry in Odessa

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"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors"



When we have been hurt deeply or abused, we will usually live our life with a victim mentality. Just as the above picture, we try to hid from the people and things that have hurt us.



As we go through life we will gradually start peeking over the walls that we have built over the years. But as we think that we have healed or started to heal, then things like unresolved anger, false guilt, fear, unforgiveness will start showing up in our life. If these things are left unchecked will cause broken relationships.



Is it really possible to conquer our past hurts and abuse? Yes, it is with the help of Jesus Christ and others that have walked in the same paths. That is exactly why I started this Ministry. God, showed me the path to healing and I wanted to share it with everyone. God wants 'WE' all of us to be able to walk and live as "MORE THAN CONQUEROR'S." Are you ready? Support in Odessa